Classically trained and based in Hamilton, Ontario, Laura Heaney is a multifaceted artist equipped with a diverse skill set. She can usually be found sitting in the same position for hours while perfecting the most minute detail in a painfully crafted drawing or clad in paint-covered overalls as she enlivens a canvas with swaths of acrylic. Her themes, mediums and subject matter vary, but her works share a distinct combination of traditional techniques and subjects, often found in the Renaissance and Romantic eras, combined with more contemporary motifs and accessible materials. Laura is as likely to pick up a coloured pencil as she is a brush or a dip pen. Bolstering a visual arts education with studies in both history and art history, it is easy to see how her love of the old-meets-new developed in her artistic practice. Her work has been represented in galleries and shows throughout Southern Ontario, the Canadian Maritimes, Quebec and New York.

Pictured above is Heaney’s self-portrait, “Laura with Facial Hair” (an extension of the Men with Facial Hair series).